Color for 2009: Purple, Blue, Yellow, & Coral

Thinking of painting or bringing in a new accent color? You won't go wrong with one of these colors.

Purples, especially reddish-based purple but you can also incorporate the palest lavender to more saturated tones.

Blue is our new green. We'll continue to see lots of greens just because of the "green movement" but more blues too from water blues, sky blues to aquamarine blue which works well with yellow.
Yellow is a hot accent color. Especially citrus yellows. I've been watching it make it's way from the fashion industry for a couple years now. It also combines quite well with blacks, whites and grays.
Coral is another color that has been seeping it's way back into design. Just look at Pottery Barn.
All pictures from the Better Homes & Garden site.

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