This isn't grandma's quilt....

Don't get me wrong, I love grandma's quilts. Quilts in general are great works of art. However, I stumbled on some fabulous quilts with a modern flair. They aren't cheap but if you are looking for something special and unique check out Denyse Schmidt Quilts. "Work" quilts are around $300 for a queen which is very reasonable but if you want something from the Couture line expect to pay upwards of $5000.


How to achieve decorating success?

Sometimes we look around at the rooms in our homes and we want to change them…NOW! We just want to start somewhere! So we buy paint to repaint the entire living room. Or we buy a new bedroom set without a thought of the final product: a space we can love. Taking a slapdash approach to decorating lends to mistakes, added costs, and the frustration of not knowing where to go next.

That is why the first step you SHOULD take is to create a P-L-A-N. It's a nasty, four letter word, but yes you need a PLAN if you want your decorating adventures to be a success.

Start with an idea file. I assure you, if you write down your ideas and clip magazine pictures you love, you will see trends in your taste and your decorating style will come to life. Use these pictures to understand furniture arrangements, lighting, color combinations, and accessorizing.

Create a home decorating notebook, album or folder for each room in your home. It will serve as your decorating road map. Include at least the following information:

Note the function(s) of a room.
  • Include room dimensions.
  • Note the location of doors, windows, electrical outlets and switches, as well as other architectural elements.
  • Add sample paint chips
  • Insert fabric swatches
  • Note furniture items and their dimensions
  • Take photographs of each room
If you are struggling with a particular room, find an inspiration piece such as a picture, rug, pillow, vase or theme.

Simple tips to keep you on track:

  • Don’t be caught without your decorating road map. Keep it with you or in your car. You never know when you will need it!
  • Create cozy seating arrangements.
  • Avoid the temptation of placing furniture on the perimeter of a room or leaving lots of space in the middle of your room.
  • You do not need to use every piece of furniture or accessory you own. If it doesn't work, don't use it. Rotate accessories throughout the year.
  • Clutter and piles? Eliminate them. Period.
  • Periodically take a look around and ask yourself what do my guests see when they come over.
  • It's OK to get help from a professional decorator. Our lives are too busy be an expert at everything
Happy Decorating!!!


The New Brocade Home

I just discovered Brocade Home!

Very affordable and very hip & fun. I can picture pieces from Brocade with a lavender lamp and black & white toile to create a beautiful & sophisticated girls room.