Furniture Layouts

I often create Room Layouts for clients, which can be a vital step in the decorating process. Typically I create 2-3 layouts per space/room. A floor plan helps define measurements, furniture sizes, traffic patterns, etc. Each layout I create comes with a detailed list of furniture & sizes, and it may include pictures and sources. After a client and I settle on a layout, either I implement the plan or the client can then do the footwork themselves. A Room Layout saves time, frustration and helps prevent costly mistakes.

I've included two samples of the same game room, in which a client wanted to include a pool table but also wanted a lot of seating. Pool tables take a lot of floor space because you must allow square footage for shooting with pool sticks. After putting together 4-5 plans, it became clear to the client they weren't getting as much seating with a pool table. It's up for debate, but most of the family thought the pool table should go into the garage.
Layouts may include: windows, doors, walls, appliances, flooring, measurements, lighting, furniture, rugs, etc.

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