Eco Shiek - Furniture Sources Vol. 2

Vivaterra or living earth is inspired by their dedication to living in harmony with nature - for a healthier life now and for future generations. All products reflect a commitment to: ecology and elegance; organic, sustainable sources; earth and people friendly;handcrafted by artisans; and celebrating life. (see example picture on right)

Nathan Anthony
- classic furniture from beds to sofas

Madera Furniture - Fairfax, CA
All pieces are made out of recycled local wood and are finished with earth friendly top coats. Functional and one of a kind....Always. (see example on left)

Metro Furniture - They begin with recyclable or antique wood frames that would otherwise end up in a landfill. They make the piece new again. Carefully choosing paints, fabrics, cushions and finishes with green production and manufacturing in mind. You would never know these were reclaimed pieces. They make the old look new and hip with paint and modern fabrics. (see example at bottom). Additionally, check out Metro Shed, Cabin, Playhouse and Art for some interesting ideas and maybe a change in the way you think about things.

Other sources for finding green furniture makers:
Sustainable Furniture Council

find, $60. DIY green project. Follow the concept of Metro Furniture above...a little paint and some groovy fabric...off you go!


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Casamodern has a collection of great Modern Classic Furniture and decoration ideas for your home.

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