Art Inspiration at Your Finger Tips

I'm constantly astounded by the creative talent out there! If you are looking for fun art for a room or wanting to give your hand at creating your own check out these resources. Also, think about using items in alternate ways, such as framing wrapping paper or using it as a back drop for a picture. Today I'm highlighting a few places to either buy art or get inspiration.

My Daughter's Wish - an art, paper, studio in Pleasant Hill, CA. This store is kind of tucked away and a bit of a 'best kept secret'. NOT just a scrapbooking store, but rather a very artsy store with lots of creative products, ideas, & classes. Their sight also has has loads of resources, ideas and class info. I just finished up a short summer watercolor class with a great watercolorist, Colleen L Gianatiempo. It was a beginner's class, a small group of 8 and I learned a ton. I also learned painting with watercolors is hard! I had a great time and can't wait to sign up again.

How about family photos? OK, don't get me wrong. I love my kids and love pictures of other kids too, but that doesn't mean you have to display every photo ever taken of your child. As a matter of fact, if you over display the eye no longer knows where to stop and look. Keep it simple by either displaying one or two photos in a vignette or if you plan to do a grouping then simplify by keeping the frames the same or at least the same color. Pick the best of the best and save the rest for the photo albums. I think this subject requires it's own topic of discussion. Laura Cottril is a local Bay Area, award-winning photographer. Her work is stunning, check her out! She's also teaching some basic photography classes at My Daughter's Wish (mentioned above.) I'm going to take both classes! Hey when you have a chance to learn from the best of the best it's a no brainer. I selected a couple of her photos and especially the one on left because it incorporated an interior as well as a child. What a wonderful way to catch MY attention! It made me think in a new and different way...interiors and portraits together as art. This could be a whole new way to bring in the right colors and feel into your decor.

Etsy a sight I've mentioned before and will mention again I'm sure! I love this site because it's an outlet for artist/artisans and consumers to sell and buy all things hand-made. This is an amazing site for ideas, inspiration, and to buy original creative art work at very affordable prices. I've highlighted three examples: Suzanna Anna, RozArt, and BS Art Studios.

Condé Nast’s iconic magazines--from Vogue and Vanity Fair to Gourmet and Golf Digest -- are known not only for the excellence of their editorial content but also for the high quality of their visual images. Reprints are not cheap, but wow a collection of these vintage prints...Fab-U-Lous!!! I like to look at them for color ideas, art inspiration, etc. This particular image is the April 1949 House & Garden, taken by Haanel Cassidy. Who looked at this and thought it could be a magazine cover today??? This image could be a decor today with it's hip & now bright yellow walls and the Asian influences. I'm reminded by this image to mention that we should all remember to include sculptural pieces as art too. Art isn't just what hangs on the wall.

Crafty Synergy is a collection of interviews with inspiring artists by Patricia Zapata a writer, artist & graphic designer. What a nice sight to highlight independent artist and small businesses as well as inspire artists, art lovers, and creative wannabes alike.

Here an interesting concept, short stories...every picture tells your story, original art etchings by Laura Zec.

Wallpaper Menagerie - Chimp #72, $79. Made by Inke Heiland in the Netherlands this chimp will bring any wall to life with a modern twist and retro charm. Hand-cut from vintage and reprinted wallpapers, each animal is available in several different patterns per animal. Mix and match to create your own zoo! Comes with wallpaper paste and brush for easy application!

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