Curtain Panels

Today I'm discussing options for soft window treatments - curtain panels. What you can get out there in the world of retail and how does that compare to semi-custom or custom window treatments?

Prepackaged window treatments can be found for great prices at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target, JC Penny's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Z Gallery and a host of other places. Curtain panels typically come in lengths of 84" or 96" and sometime up to 108-120"; however they tend to be quite narrow and range from 23-50" wide.

Linen's n Things: silk, lined with cotton, 42x96", $89.99/ea. or $179.98/pair

Pottery Barn: silk, lined with cotton, 50x96", $169ea. or $338/pair

For semi-custom treatments you can try options such as Smith & Noble, JC Penny's, Shades of Light, Silk Trading Co., etc.

Smith & Noble 24x96" (very narrow), silk, privacy lining, casual pleat, $498/pair.

Shades of Light: silk, cotton lining with inner fleece lining for insulation and added body, 23x96" (very narrow), $428/pair.
Silk Trading Co: "Out of the box" drapery, 47x96", silk taffeta, lined (not interlined), $782/pair. This fabric is high quality silk taffeta and better then anything you would get in a department store. Fabric may be comparable to Shades of Light above, but the above Shades of Light example is only 23 inches wide.

Custom curtain panels will depend largely on the cost of your fabric which could be any where from $10-150 per yard. Here is a sample break down of pricing I recently quoted a client for standard panels, 54" width fabric by 92" long. Other embellishments such as banding, buttons, or trim is extra labor & material costs.

Two panels (one width of standard 54" fabric) = $310 (or $620 for double width panels)
  • Fabric 6 yds @ $25 = $150
  • Labor & lining = $160 (or ~ $80 per panel)
  • Plus sales tax
Good luck finding window treatments!

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