Bathroom Vanities - Great Deal!

I found a great resource on Craigslist today! Bathroom vanities at drastically reduced prices. Check out Ben's Showroom for available product. Read carefully for chips or cracks. Showroom location in Stockton, so a bit of a drive but worth it if you are looking for a deal.

These fine bathroom sink vanities come from a company Ben works for. These items have never been used; they are mostly display models, manufacturer samples, and returned items because customers changed their mind or they are damaged during transit. As a result, he sells these items at a huge mark down - even below wholesale prices.

The showroom is located in Stockton open Mon-Fri by appointment only from 10am-5pm. If you have questions about an item or want to make an appointment, contact Ben at 925.339.1013 or via email at ben128@rocketmail.com. Here are just a few:



Anonymous said...

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Bathroom Vanity Gems Inc. said...

Thanks for providing the link as we all know that there are tons of people who wants to purchase a Bathroom vanity but don't have enough budget for it. Having a lesser price will surely be great for those people.