Best Bay Area Resources

I added a new section today called Best Bay Area Resouces, which are resources I use regularly or refer clients to for best selections or best deals. I wanted to highlight a couple recommendations.

Tradeway Stores: packed full of furniture some high-end and some ho-hum. This "outlet" gets furniture from lots of manufactures like Thomasville, Broyhill, Lexington, Bassett, Drexel-Heritage and so on. When furniture isn’t delivered to a retailer for whatever reason, the manufacture avoids shipping it back across country by redirecting to Tradeway. Sometimes pieces have minor damage that they will fix (ie. a scratch or ding). 10860 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, 510.529.2360.

Z Gallery: always has the best trendy items and very affordable prices. This is the type of store that allows you to easily bring in trendy colors or items without breaking the bank. I'll see a $40 item here that would sell for $500 at the SF Design Center. Granted not the same quality and not a designer name associated but honestly does it really matter?

San Francisco Design Center: You may not know this but the SF Design Center is open to the public. You are welcome to check out furniture and fabric there but you need a designer to buy on your behalf. The Design Center ranges from mid-range to very high-end, so even if it is out of your price range you might consider window shopping for inspiration.

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